All The Dish with Jen Hatmaker

November 6, 2022

Bestselling author, podcaster, and inspirational speaker Jen Hatmaker is coming to a city near you for the All The Dish Tour. This is not a dinner party — but what you can expect is “all the dish” that the very best girls’ nights offer. It will be the ultimate night of fun and hope and humor — all the ingredients that you love from Jen!

There will also be a fantastic DJ (dancing in your seat is not required, but it is encouraged) and some super-fun guests — surprise guests who you will go crazy for! Just you wait and see who’s popping in. Plus, we’re going to have a special Q&A — and so much more.

It won’t be a party without you — so bring all your people to the event, and you’ll leave newly inspired, connected, and fired up.

All the Dish - Jen Hatmaker